City Council

Regular Meetings

City Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at Bullard City Hall, 114 S. Phillips St.

To attend City Council Meetings via ZOOM click HERE.

Elected Officials and Terms of Office

Pam smiling in black suitMayor: Pam Frederick
Term Expires - May 2021
Bryan WillisMayor Pro Tem: Bryan Willis
Term Expires - May 2022
Shirley CoeCity Council Member: Shirley Coe
Term Expires - May 2022

City Council Member: Lane McDaniel
Term Expires - 2021
Mark AndersonCity Council Member: Mark Anderson
Term Expires - May 2021

Mebane.Terry HeadshotCity Council Member: Terry Mebane
Term Expires - May 2022

Next General Election Date: May 2, 2020

Members of the City Council are elected for two year terms on a non-partisan basis. The council is made up of 6 members: A mayor and five council members.

Bullard City Council is made up of 6 members, one Mayor, and five City Council Members, who are all elected for two-year terms on a non-partisan basis. Each official is elected by the community members, once elected, Council Members choose the Mayor Pro Tem, for a one-year term. All City of Bullard elected officials serve the community at-large.


City of Bullard residents voted to establish a City Council - City Manager form of government in 2005. 

The City Council - City Manager form of government combines the strong political leadership of elected officials in the form of a council, with the managerial experience of an appointed local government manager. A representative system of government is established where all power is concentrated in the elected council and where the council hires a professionally trained manager to oversee the delivery of public services.