What to do if you have lost your dog:

  • Check the photos below to see if your animal is in our possession, or has been brought to Smith County Animal Shelter.
  • Contact the appropriate organization for their procedure on collecting your dog

What to do if you have found a dog:

  • If the dog is located within Bullard City Limits please call Bullard Police Department at 903-894-7788, so they can locate and pick up the animal
  • If you pick it up yourself, please contact Smith County Animal Shelter using the contact information below for their procedures.

Bullard Police Department and the City of Bullard will NOT accept animals that are dropped off. 

Found Dogs:


  • Found on: 07/06/2020 
  • Location: 115 S. Houston Street
  • Breed: Golden Mix
  • Sex: Male (Left) Female (Below)


Smith County Animal Shelter
322 E Ferguson St, Tyler, TX 75702

Bullard Police Department
114 S Phillips St, Bullard, TX 75757

These animals have been taken to the Smith County Animal Shelter in Tyler. Please call 903-266-4303 for more information on these animals.